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Building Design & Surveying in Leyland

At OBDS (Opus Building Design & Surveying Ltd), we provide a variety of architectural design and building survey services from architectural design, planning and elevation drawings to domestic property surveys or large conservation projects. Serving residents and business in Leyland, our local team of project managers, surveyors and architects aim to provide a high quality, cost effective service.

When it comes to architectural design services we can create a design or, we can work with the ideas you have and create a design and plan to bring your vision to life. The team have a long history of architectural design, building surveying, project management and historic building conservation services in Leyland and surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information.

Building Conservation in Leyland

As Building Engineers, our approach to understanding buildings and particularly building flaws and its associated remedial actions involves a systematic study of their elements, components, and landscape. Surveys are a methodical investigation of buildings, their components, and setting to investigate and fix problems. We take into account the age of the building, and if it’s currently suitable to deal with issues such as damp or decay. If the building does have certain issues, we will provide the most sustainable and achievable options to get the best outcome.

Architectural Design Leyland

Opus Building Design & Surveying Ltd is a Leyland-based architectural design studio that handles designs that incorporate the needs of modern living within traditional or historic settings.

Our comprehensive range of architectural offerings consists of design and style, through to schedule specifications and management on-site.

Architectural services

Building Surveying in Leyland

You can count on our chartered surveyors and specialists to conduct land surveys in any setting your site requires, from home and industrial to commercial environments. We have a group of experts and project managers who will take care of any project. Our consulting services include a professional evaluation of a wide range of commercial properties.

A building survey supplies detailed information about a building’s condition, structural integrity, and maintenance needs. Our RICS building surveyors conduct a complete evaluation of a building to identify any necessary building work. The building surveyor will inspect the entire building, roof space, cellar, floors and windows. We can also give advice if any issues or problems arise from this, giving you all the options available to you.

Using a Full Building Survey if your property is vast, old, in disrepair, or has unusual features is recommended by industry guidelines. If you plan to perform major modifications or expansions, Old Building Surveys are recommended.

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