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Building surveyors Kirkham

OBDS provides comprehensive solutions for all your commercial survey and inspection needs across Kirkham and the entire United Kingdom.
As a licensed chartered surveyor, we are equipped to conduct surveys in any setting required by your project, be it commercial or industrial. Our committed team of surveyors and project managers provide the appropriate resolution for your real estate needs. Additionally, our consulting services encompass a thorough examination or review of various types of commercial properties.

Building surveying Kirkham

When considering buying a freehold property for personal use, it’s crucial to understand that the responsibility of the property will be yours. Before closing the deal, it’s recommended to perform a comprehensive assessment of the property to fully grasp its current state, foreseeable future costs, and any necessary upkeep required. Furthermore, you might need to enquire about alterations and enhancements that might accommodate your unique needs. Possessing this knowledge can be beneficial when negotiating the purchase price.

OBDS is dedicated to helping you save money by evaluating the condition of a property, informing your judgment regarding its investment viability. Call us for a free quotation with no strings attached, or for a one-on-one discussion with a certified surveyor to address your needs.

Architectural services in Kirkham

We guarantee an exceptional experience throughout by offering thoughtful and pragmatic design solutions. Our expertise in extending residences, modifying projects, and obtaining approvals for listed buildings empowers us to comprehend the creation of impeccable architecture for your home or business needs.

We deliver comprehensive data to guarantee precise expense assessments by construction specialists, ensuring your venture remains within its financial plan. In addition, we oversee all operations from inception to completion, working in close cooperation with our reliable partners in the fields of engineering, party wall issues, and interior decor. This ensures your project is managed by the most secure hands.

Architectural services

Building conservation Kirkham

As preservation architects, our duty involves protecting elements and fragments of historic architecture from decay that could arise from improper restoration or construction. Our aim is to achieve balance between the council’s and the community’s expectations, while respecting the integrity of the existing buildings and their environment. At the same time, we prioritise meeting your particular requirements as our client. Adequate proficiency and experience are key to effectively executing these projects, and we are fortunate to be abundantly equipped with both.

Our expertise lies in understanding the expectations of the council’s preservation officer while assessing applications for protected buildings. This is the advantage you receive when you engage our comprehensive architectural services.

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