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Opus Building Design & Surveying Ltd, offers a broad array of services in the realm of architectural design and building surveys. These encompass the creation of architectural blueprints, project management, devising elevation diagrams, assessing residential estates, and handling expansive conservation endeavours. Our dedicated team of Lancaster-based architects and surveyors are unceasing in their efforts to deliver top quality, economically viable services. When it comes to design services, we can either start from scratch or collaborate with you on your existing concepts to craft a design and plan that mirrors your aspirations.
Our group values our extensive expertise in the fields of architectural design, construction analysis, project oversight, and the preservation of historical buildings in and around Lancaster. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Building surveying Lancaster

The evaluation group we have on board offers proficient and top quality recommendations aimed at protecting and increasing the value of our clients’ property assets. Leveraging years of expertise in handling both housing and business sectors in Lancaster, our advice is of immense worth to our customers.

With thorough evaluations, we can prevent unforeseen problems and substantial expenses in the long run. Leveraging our distinct skills, knowledge, and understanding of the Lancaster area, we have the ability to provide this service.

Architectural services in Lancaster

OBDS meticulously crafts design remedies, ensuring comprehension and fostering a climate of innovation for both products and processes. We adopt a forward-thinking strategy, collaborating with clients and communities to cultivate concepts and actualise dreams, all while maintaining an environmental focus to ensure the success of sustainable projects. Operating as a studio-based group, OBDS provides a swift and high quality integrated design service from one distinct point of delivery.

Our architectural designs are both adaptive and accountable, with a focus on social and environmental responsibility. We pay attention to the design context and innovate to meet the client’s requirements and exceed their expectations. Our work is immersive, seeking to elevate the human interaction with design and meticulously planned to generate structures that operate at peak performance.

Building conservation Lancaster

Our affection for vintage structures is unyielding. Our knowledgeable team is deeply dedicated to maintaining and improving these buildings for future generations. We are specialists in the preservation, rehabilitation, and advancement of historic structures, offering customised solutions. Whether it’s iconic structures or humble homes, our years of expertise make us the ideal choice for guidance on all historical and preservation undertakings.

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